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Post-Closing Audit Process

It, literally, takes us minutes to get started using Waquis.

  1. You're set-up with our industry leading web-based auditing software.

  2. You send us a list of closed loans.

  3. We randomly select a list of closed loans to audit.

  4. Send us loan documents using Sharefile.

  5. We audit the files and send you results within 30 days.

  6. We provide one week for management response to any adverse findings.

What is unique about our audits?

Re-Verifications, Tri-Merge Reports, Field Reviews

We provide all re-verifications of income, assets, and employment using both electronic and manual methods. We pull a tri-merge credit report (individually or with multiple borrowers) and a field review (if required).

File Review

Our audit checklists have been rigorously developed to adhere to Fannie Mae, FHA, Freddie Mac, HUD, VA, CFPB, and TRID guidelines. They are also tailored to meet individual investor and client requirements. Audits are then performed by seasoned and experienced QC auditors dedicated to your company.

Appraisal Desk Review

All audits include a desk review appraisal.

Findings Report

Our QC auditor reviews the files and then passes it to senior auditors for review. We deliver a file review including a summary of findings, any red flags, and a trending report of any found defects. All of this is done through our web-based software that allows your company the ability to generate dozens of custom reports.

Management Response

We always allow the time for management to respond to any defects or red flags. Our clients are given up to one week to respond and we then deliver a final report.

Please fill out our contact form to set-up a time to talk!

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