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Pricing for Auditing Services

Origination Audits

  • Pre-Funding Quality Control Audit: $55

  • Post-Closing Quality Control Audit: $95

     - Delegated, Full-File Review including Random, Discretionary, and EPD reviews

  • Non-Originated/Adverse Action Quality Control Audit: $55.00

  • Targeted Quality Control Audit Servicing Audits: $35.00


Servicing Audits

  • Standard Loan Administration Quality Control Audit: $125.00

  • Special Loan Administration Quality Control Audit: $150.00

  • Adverse Action Servicing Quality Control Audit: $50.00


Additional Services


  • Desk Review of Appraisal: $35.00 (complimentary with post-closing audit)

  • Field Review of Appraisal: At Cost. The average cost is $350.00.

  • Tri-Merge Credit Report: $14.00 per borrower.

  • Mailed verification (assets, employment, etc.): $6.00 per attempt.

  • Electronic verification (BankVOD, The Work Number, etc.): At Cost plus $2 per order

  • IRS Transcripts Other Services: $10.00 +$5.00 per year.


Other Services

  • Compliance Consulting: $200 per hour, billable in 15-minute increments $30 per item/review

  • Rush Fee: $30.00 per item/per review.

  • Management Response/Challenges: Complimentary with post-closing audits.

  • Custom Trending Report Setup: Initially complimentary, changes priced upon request.

  • Static PDF Trending Reports: Complimentary with post-closing audits.

  • Trending Report Website Access: $10.00 per user/per month.

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