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Pricing for Auditing Services

While other mortgage QC firms try to hide their pricing with huge amounts of hidden fees and term obligations, Waquis is up-front about our pricing and we don't require term contracts. We are so confidant that you will be impressed the quality of our work and our customer service that our contracts are completely performance-based and allow the option to cancel at anytime.

In general, our pricing will save your firm 50% or more on QC services and staffing.


Post-Closing Quality Control Audit Pricing


  • Delegated/Full File Review: $100

  • Broker Review: $60

  • Non-Delegated Review: $90

  • Non-Originated/FHA Adverse Action Quality Control Audit: $55

Support Services Pricing for Post-Closing Audits

  • In-File/Tri-Merge Credit Report (per borrower):  $25

  • Asset/Income-Employment/Occupancy re-verification: $2-7

  •  - $2 per each electronic attempt and $7 per each mail attempt

  • IRS Transcripts:  $10-20

  • SSA Validation/Verification:    Market

  • Field Review Appraisal:          Market

Added Service: Post-Closing audits are completed within 30 days of submission.

Note: We require a minimum of 5 post-closing audits per month. Otherwise, the pricing is an additional 30%.

Pre-Funding Quality Control Review Pricing


Pre-Funding review delivered the following business day: $60                                                        

Added Service: Pre-Funding reviews are customized for individual client needs.

Servicing Audits Pricing

Standard Loan Administration Quality Control Audit:   $100

Special Loan Administration Quality Control Audit:   $125

Adverse Action Loan Administration Quality Control Audit:  $150

Added Service: Servicing audits are completed within 30 days of submission.


Mortgage Staffing Services Pricing

Our hourly rate is $10 - $13 inclusive of all taxes and overhead. For instance, you'll be invoiced $1,500.00 for one full-time dedicated staffing member working a 40 hour work week.

Tasks that our staff can perform include:

  • Indexing

  • Document Review

  • Data Entry

  • Document Stacking

  • Pulling Re-Verifications

  • CHAT Customer Service

  • Custom Services


Added Service: We can work in any time zone and even during the nighttime. Employees are dedicated to each client and work a normal 40 hour work week to learn your processes and tasks.

Note: We require a minimum of 3 staffing positions.

Consulting Services

Hourly Consulting Fee (billed in 15 minute increments): $175

Examples of Consulting Projects

  • Developing a Quality Control Plan

  • Developing internal checklists to meet investor requirements

  • Preparation for regulatory or investor reviews

  • Staff education and training

General/Additional Services


Rush Fee (per item requested)  $35

  • Post-Closing/Adverse Action review completed within two weeks from request, quicker turnaround times may be available

  • review completed same day as request, based on availability

  • audit compilation completed within one week from request

  • reports completed within two days from request


Challenges/Rebuttals/Revisions to Findings

  • Initial Management Response with Challenges: Complimentary

  • Additional challenges: $5 per finding

  • (after management response has been reviewed)


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