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Pricing for Auditing Services

Schedule of Fees for Quality Control Services

Please note, this schedule may be updated at any time without notice.

Origination Audits*  

Pre-Funding Quality Control Audit                                                          $60

         Completed prior to start of following business day of submission

Post-Closing Quality Control Audit

(Including Random, Discretionary, and EPD Selections)                      $60-100

         Completed within 30 days of submission

         Broker Review $60, Non-Delegated Review $90,

Delegated/Full File Review $100

Non-Originated/FHA Adverse Action Quality Control Audit             $55

         Completed within 30 days of submission

Servicing Audits*

Standard Loan Administration Quality Control Audit                            $100

Special Loan Administration Quality Control Audit                               $125

Adverse Action Loan Administration Quality Control Audit                $150


General/Additional Services       

Rush Fee (per item requested)  $35

  • Post-Closing/Adverse Action review completed within two weeks from request, quicker turnaround times may be available

  • review completed same day as request, based on availability

  • audit compilation completed within one week from request

  • reports completed within two days from request


Challenges/Rebuttals/Revisions to Findings

Initial Management Response with Challenges                                     Complimentary

Additional challenges                                                                                  $5 per finding

(after management response has been reviewed)


Trending/Management Summary Reports

General PowerPoint and PDF with limited changes to template       Complimentary

Custom Report (Subsequent to initially setup report)                         $50 setup fee

Trending Dashboard Website (First user complimentary)                   $10 per user, per month


External Verifications

In-File/Tri-Merge Credit Report (per borrower)                                  $25

Asset/Income-Employment/Occupancy re-verification                    $2-7 ($2 per each electronic attempt and $7 per each mail attempt)

IRS Transcripts                                                                                            $10-20

(Varies based on request results)

SSA Validation/Verification    **

Field Review Appraisal             †

Staffing Services

We offer a wide variety of staffing services for many of our clients. Tasks that our staff can perform include  indexing, document review, document stacking, CHAT customer service, and much more. We can work in any time zone and even during the nighttime. Our hourly rate is $10 - $12 per hour inclusive of all taxes and overhead. . Please contact us for more information.


*Cost is additional 30% if at least 5 files are not reviewed per month of review segregated by pre-funding, post-closing, and servicing reviews.

**Cost varies and is reimbursable at cost

†Cost varies due to market, complexity of appraisal and other factors. Please contact your account manager if you would like to setup a ceiling for fee to obtain approval any time a field review exceeds that amount.

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