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Mortgage Staffing

The mortgage industry is highly cyclical. The absolute best staffing model is the ability to ramp up and down with volume fluctuations. The time to hire and train employees, and then terminate them when volumes decline, is both costly and exhausting.

Waquis is your staffing solution.


Our model is to dedicate full-time employees to your company (remotely). Our hourly rates are $10 - $13 per hour and that cost includes all overhead. In this model, the employee is, essentially, an extension of your company to learn your processes, technology, and work on the assignable tasks.

Our employees are highly experienced with mortgage tasks and technology with the ability to work on very straight-forward indexing tasks to complex pre-underwriting tasks (and everything in between).

We require just 30 - 90 days termination notice when volumes decline.


We can work in almost every time zone and even at night for around-the-clock processing. Below is a sample of some of the tasks that our staff can perform: 

  • Submission Doc Review and Organization. 

  • Submission Doc Checklist.

  • Indexing of Documents. 

  • Document QC. 

  • LOS Submission. 

  • LOS Review. 

  • Final Doc Reviews. 

  • Customized Staffing Projects. 


To get started, or ask any questions, please email us at

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