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Our Services

Our post closing audits cost just $100.00 and include a desk review appraisal, management response ability, and 30 day turn-around. Our web based software is the best in the industry and takes just moments to get set-up.

Our pre-funding reviews cost just $60.00 and include a 24 hour business day turn-around. Our comprehensive checklists can be customized to meet client needs.

We've recently launched our Servicing Audit division to outstanding reviews. As servicing comes under more scrutiny from the regulatory agencies, it is imperative to have a QC audit plan in place. Our Servicing Audits are completely customizable based up the needs of the client.

We also work with many of our clients to develop QC plans to meet both regulatory and investor requirements. In addition to writing QC plans, we work with many clients to develop QC processes and training.

Many clients utilize our mortgage staffing services for back-office functions such as indexing, document stacking, document preparation and review, re-verifications, data entry, and checklists.

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