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Waquis Mortgage Quality Control

Waquis has been a leading mortgage quality control company since 2000 working  with small lenders to major US banks (and everyone in between).

We strive to offer the best pricing and customer service in the industry. For instance, our post-closing audits cost just $100.00, are delivered within 30 days, with the ability for management response. And, every client has a dedicated project manager to help customize audits for their unique needs and process.

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Our post-closing audits are some of the most comprehensive in the business. They cost just $100 and include a full desk review appraisal with a 30-day turn-around.  Our post-closing includes Conventional Audits, FHA Audits, VA Audits, USDA-RD Audits and can be customized to review portfolio lending needs.


Our pre-funding reviews cost just $60.00 and include a comprehensive checklist that can be customized to our client's specifications. As they a pre-funding review is a mortgage audit before closing, we have a one-day business turn-around for easy business continuation.  


We provide mortgage quality control consulting for many of our clients that include setting up their mortgage quality control audit process along with designing a QC plan to meet regulatory and investor requirements. In addition, we've recently launched a Servicing Audit division to provide servicing audits for many of our clients.


It was a pleasure working with the Waquis staff; their dedication is unmatched. I highly recommend using Waquis for any project that requires attention to detail and requires a “can do” team attitude.

Charo Huston. Asst. VP. Flagstar Bank

“Waquis has been outstanding to work with! I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for a QC and compliance company. They have been instrumental in getting our QC process and procedures up-to-date and ensuring our post-closing audits are completed in a timely manner.”

Jim Passi. President. Integra Mortgage

“I highly recommend Waquis as a mortgage audit company. Customer service is a top priority with Waquis. They are always responsive to inquiries and provide us with easy to use comprehensive trending reports. This helps us to continually improve the quality of our loans.”

Steve Haythore. President. Stellar Capital.

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Waquis Quality Control


phone: 800-809-8689, ext. 3


Portland, Oregon

White Salmon, Washington

Colombo, Sri Lanka

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